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Movie Pitch

The protagonist of "Rejected" is Ronn Moss, the unforgettable Ridge Forrester of the most famous TV series in the world, "Beautiful".
Ronn is entered the homes of hundreds of millions of viewers in over 100 countries for almost 26 years.

With this highly anticipated movie, Ronn will lead on the screen his vision of the genre western, a genre he loves very much in how much he grew up in Liz's Hollywood Taylor to John Wayne.
It will also be his first directing and this is it another great challenge for him.


Ronn Moss
Devin DeVasquez

Year2022 ServicePost-Production Client / Agency11:11 Films International
Bros Group Italia S.r.l.
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Executive producers: Devin DeVasquez, Tiziano Cavaliere

Directed by: Ronn Moss
DOP: Armando Barberi
Editing audio & video post-production: Roberto Baeli for iXnay Productions