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Aulire Jewels

Aulire Jewels


An AXB Studio production
Starring Alex Belli & Delia Duran

Directed by Roberto Baeli
Edited by Roberto Baeli at iXnay Productions (Milan)

Script by Alex Belli
Copywriting by Roberto Baeli

AXB Studio assistants: Leila Pales, Stella starlite
Make-up Artist: Alex Face
Costumes: Costumeria Mazzucchelli (Milan)

Location: AXB Studio, Parioli Restaurant (Milan)

Special Thanx to Oreficeria Ravasi (Milan)


Alex Belli
Delia Duran

Year2023 ServiceDirecting, Copywriting, Post-Production Client / AgencyAXB Studio
Aulire Jewels