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Surprise Trip

Surprise Trip

Movie Pitch

A funny little comedy that tells the story of two families represented by a group of men and a woman.
Men who have lived in symbiosis for years and then as often happens they have divided their paths.


Ronn Moss
Lino Banfi
Paolo Sassanelli
Pietro Genuardi
Fabio Cursio Giacobbe
Totò Onnis
Mayra Pietrocola
Giuliano Giuliani

Year2019 ServiceDirection / Video Production Client / AgencyDevronn Enterprises
Bros Group Italia S.r.l.
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Executive producers: Ronn Moss, Tiziano Cavaliere, Devin DeVasquez

Directed by: Roberto Baeli
DOP & camera: Armando Barberi

Story by: Ronn Moss, Tiziano Cavaliere, Pietro Genuardi
Screenplay by: Pietro Genuardi, Fabio Cursio Giacobbe

Edit & post-production: Roberto Baeli for iXnay Productions